Tač.ka was the art group acting in Bosnia-Herzegovina and international from 2007 to 2015, and was formed by art-students at the Academy of art in Banja Luka. The group's activities was based around pluridisciplinary experiments in visual arts, cultural management and institutional critic. Tač.ka has expanded contemporary art landscape in the country and region, by being credited for pioneering work in fields of participatory cultural strategies reflected in projects of land art and art in nature, but also institutional critic, art hacktivist, net art and new-media theory.[See the works]
The group's initial project was a land art / art in nature based laboratory, which happened in eight annual editions on the Kozara mounting in Krajina (north-west Republica Srpska / Bosnia), setting the group's intention to perform and experiment with non-institutional collectivism, strenghten independent art production, and underline environmental issues. The group brought attention by radically different working approach, targeting the corruption within cultural institutions, but also a stereotype (international) image of local Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist. As a result, Tač.ka operated in an antagonistic state toward institutionalized art centres in the country, performing subversive art actions. The timing of those actions and their targets where carefully, almost militarily selected, questioning a neo-liberal footprint within contemporary art practices (art market, grants, trends and ratings).

Members and years active:
2007-2015: Mladen Bundalo, Dragan Inđić, Igor Sovilj
2008-2015: Dajan Špirić
2009-2015: Nemanja Čađo
2007-2012: Milijana Grabovica
2007-2009: Boris Eremić, Sanja Kovačić, Jovana Marjanović, Milica Tošić

Tač.ka in BHS stands for a point, dot, full stop.

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Mladen Bundalo