Mladen Bundalo was born in 1986 in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Graduated in visual arts in Banja Luka and in video, multimedia and performing arts in Brno. An interdisciplinary artist working on a visual, dialogical, and auto-ethnographical system addressing movement, exchange, value, inflation, temporality and uncertainty, as nodal categories in the experience of modern society. Member of the “Tač.ka” art group.

As someone who grew up in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s, I had no choice but to witness what it means to live through a social disaster and economic breakdown. This experience of a feral, never-ending transition and cultural disappearance became a part of my intrinsic spacetime, a mechanism which is constantly ticking out critical questions. From the other side, as an artist-migrant, having lived in five European countries within the last 13 years, I am trying to understand how my homeland memories define the way I walk and act in my new living spaces and interact with diverge offsets of European bureaucracy and adhocracy.
The choice to address these questions means to me much more than an occasion to make an “art” - it brings me the happiness of exploring and understanding a geometry of our inner universes and their fragility to cultural patterns, technological flows, and social frictions. Therefore, one can say that the work is focused to explore the phenomenology of cultural experience.


Selected public appearances:

- Jugoslav Hyperinflation, solo show at "Dado Đurić" National Gallery of Montenegro, Cetinje, 2023 (curated by Ana Ivanović)
- Arrivals - Departures, solo show at MoCA of Republika Srpska, Banjaluka, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2023 (curated by Isidora Banjac)
- NOTHING IS GARANTUED: Exhibition of Bosno-Futurism, group show at Summerhall, Edinburg 2022 (curator: Jonathan Blackwood), 2022
- Punto de Vista, IDFF Pamplona, competition programme, 2022
- FEKK, Ljubljana Short Film Festival, Balkan competition programme, 2021
- 28 European Film Festival Palić, 2021
- 44th Norwegian Film Festival, International competition, 2021
- GoShort - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, documentary competition, 2021
- IDFA, Amsterdam, short documentary competition programme, 2020
- iMAL – Art Center for digital cultures & technology, Brussels, artist-in-residence, 2020
- 26th Sarajevo Film Festival, documentary competition programme, 2020
- Rencontres Internationales, festival cinématographique, Paris 2020
- 9th Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, Egypt, 2019
- 3,6 x 10^22, Cultural Center, Trebinje, 2018 (curator: Igor Bošnjak)
- From Diaspora to Diversities, National gallery of Montenegro, Cetinje, 2018 (curator: Miroslav Karić)
- NOW&AFTER’18 (AUTONOMOUS REALITY), video art fest, Moscow, 2018
- Moving Chronotopes, Remont gallery, Belgrade, 2017(curator: Miroslav Karić)
- From Diaspora to Diversities, Cifte Amam - National gallery of Macedonia, Skopje, 2016 (curators: Miroslav Karić, Darka Radosavljevic)
- Vidéographies, Digital and Experimental Images Festival, Théatre de Liège, Liège, 2015 (curator of the video works: Pierre Courtin)
- SHARE – too much history, MORE future, Charinthian Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt, 2014 (curator: Annemarie Tuerk)
- KulturKontakt’s artists in residence, Art point gallery, Vienna, 2012
- Atelier Banja Luka, Tranzitdisplay, Prague, 2012
- Subjektive Empfindlichkeiten. 5 Positionen, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria, 2012 (curator: Elio Krivdic)
- Artists talk - Adela Jušić and Mladen Bundalo, PCAP, prof. Marina Grzinić, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, 2012
- La Biennale du Film Exposé, Paris-Montreuil, 2011 (curator: ETCaetera)
- Cynet art, Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau, Dresden, 2010 (curator: Thomas Dumke)
- Crazycurators biennale, Bratislava, 2010 (curator: Darka Radosavljević)
- Zvono award exhibition, MoCA RS, Banja Luka, 2010
- Imaginary pavilion of BiH, Palazo Forti, Verona, 2009 (curators: Aurora Fonda and Claudia Zini)
- Between natio-globalism and shamanism, SKC, Belgrade, 2009 (curator: Jelena Veljković)
- Fears, parallel event to Manifesta7, Trento, Italy, 2008 (curators: Luigi Penasa and Marta Angelini)