"As a Bosnian citizen with a decent migratory experience, the idea of a passport has significant inner gravity to me. This “light” object has been transformed into a super-strong mental gravitational source, gathering memories and situations in an abstract fractal correspondence with the culture as a whole, the density of which eventually overcame the very epistemology of the passport. It brought me into an experience of cultural understanding, an art experience. Each of us have our own mental objects or concepts with such super-strong gravitational pull - in other words, an intimate contact with a field of art. Something that brought us to the very experience of understanding. We are going to extract this inner art experience and share its gravitational pull in the relation between us as individuals. If successful, this energy will be felt by others as well, no matter how much formally-abstract, and initiate similar inner processes."
Gravity, Thoughts and Art -> complete text

Video animation by Mladen Bundalo
Sound by Teun Doekes

Photo credits: Boris Buric

  • Research: Moving Chronotopes
  • Medium: Video instalation
  • Year: 2017
  • Dimensions: Variable