a) This is my Real, golden, Bosnian passport. What a black hole does to matter in our Universe, this passport does to my thoughts. It attracts them, twisting and bending very space-time of a personal travelogue.

b) Once in Riga, during a passport control, they asked me to show them my real Bosnian passport. I told them that the passport they just controlled is the only one I have and it should be a real passport. But, they kept insisting on existence of another type of passport, the real one. After an hour of checking and discussion, they finally let me proceed.

c) I was wondering, what that could be? What is that real passport? Now I know. The police officer who controlled me that night in Riga - she is a philosopher in deed. She was asking for a Lacanian Real of a passport. Very need for having a passport. A state of nature, impossible to comprehend!


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  • Research: Moving Chronotopes
  • Medium: Drawing, Text
  • Year: 2017
  • Dimensions: 24 drawings - 59x42cm