Every time you leave, you are born again(2022) revolves around a Bosnian ritual: throwing a bucket of water into the footsteps of someone who is leaving for a journey.
Indeed, water always finds a way to flow. Additionally, Bundalo adds, it can be considered to emulate the moment of birth. The water runs out first and then you leave your first home, the mother’s belly.
In the ritual, this memory is remembered and reenacted as an archetype for separation and new life. Bundalo shows visual and textual documentation of his last 5 departures from his family home.

Jesse Van Winden, curator

"Every time you leave, you are born again" is a transdisciplinary art project that explores the process of leaving and separating from home and country through a complex connection with homeland and the need to return and question from a new position - the diaspora. The subject is approached through an art-based etnographical research, which will take a form of film, book and installation.

In collaboration with David Labi and Dora Ramljak.
Photos no. 14 and no.17 by Fülöp Dániel Mátyás

  • Format: Transdisciplinary art research
  • Year: 2020-2023