“The Duck Day” (2022), a video-monologue by Mladen Bundalo

The video sights a corridor of a cultural center in Jihlava (CZ), as scenery of the ongoing film festival's everyday life. The author, holding a camera and observing the surrounding, invites us to follow his actual inner monologue.
The work is a modest contribution to legacy and notion of laziness and its importance in artistic process. As the pandemics disturbed usual production and diffusion of works of films and art, there is suddenly a possibility given to artist to be lazy, to be artists for the one last moment before the festival life and industry topics are not completely woken up. The work is an accidental homage to Mladen Stilinović’s text “In Praise of Laziness”, and celebration of adhocracy and immediacy of human relations.

Duration: 06’00’’; Format: 4K
Filmed in DKO, Jihlava. During the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF.