I’ve always wondered what ever happened to the flag of humanity or of planet Earth? Why doesn’t our plant have its flag? If the most important thing when on new territory is to plant a flag, then why has humanity never declared planet Earth as its own?

The choreography of the lunar event opens with a radio broadcast of Neil Armstrong’s words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, and ends with a painstaking assembly and planting of the USA flag – not the flag of humanity, but a national flag.

The Moon was declared exclusively American.

I got all the details from the magazine Galaksija sometime in 1996. Inspired by the article, I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote “Earth” in pencil. I taped the paper on a stick I found and excitedly ran into the garden to declare the planet Earth!

The relatively short history of the flag of planet Earth is marked by different ideas starting with James William van Kirk’s World Peace Flag (1913), or John McConnell’s flag (1969) which is based on the photograph of planet Earth and used as the unofficial Earth Day flag.

The history continues with James W. Cadle’s flag (1970), popular in the astrophysicist community, while Oskar Pernefeldt’s proposed design from 2015 has received worldwide publicity and marketing efforts have been invested to impose it as the official solution.

The number of planet Earth flag proposals has been growing and in itself represents a territory to be conquered, which is in contrast to the messages the proposed flags represent.

Aren’t then all the individual planet Earth flag campaigns colonial in their essence?

The issue of the outlook of planet Earth flag arises? Does this flag represent only mankind or the planet?

Is it possible to have an indefinite number of planet Earth flags?

Why should there be only one?

Can any one of us have their own flag of belonging to planet Earth?