After the childhood spent together, two teenagers interested in art, amid opposite ambitions to the issue of formal education, move away from each other. Both of them have continued to deal with their impulses of creativity, each under his own life’s circumstances.

The work deals with the cognitive relations between two subjects with similar intellectual and emotional drives, but different social and educational conditions, within which those drives were formatted. They got together to speak about accumulated experience and fortune, questioning the current relationship andobserving their attitudes towards general cultural space. Two-chanel friendship exams format of discourse between: for the art system non-mapped author and his institutionally shaped colleague, by evoking banal curiosity, nostalgia, cynicism of academic comments and willingness to locate differences and similarities.

It is a two-channel, emblematic video which establishes two separate narratives: one typical interview that keeps the focus on “non-institutional” colleague, while the second channel is textual insight into mental processes that “author of the concept” had during the recording.

  • Medium: Video-essay
  • Year: 2010
  • Duration: 00:24:09;